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Insurance Products


Auto Insurance protects you financially against any physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting out of a traffic accident and against any liability that could arise therefrom.


The different coverages available to a business owner to protect against such unexpected losses and insure continuity in operation of business are collectively called Business Insurance.


Home Insurance, also called as Home Owner’s Insurance, is a type of property insurance that covers basically residential property.


Life insurance pays out an agreed sum of money either on the death of the insured person or after the agreed of time.

Why An Independent Agent


Independent Insurance Agent of Wisconsin

There's no doubt about it buying Insurance can be complicated and one of the trickiest part of that process is deciding exactly how you'll make your purchase. There are three different methods: buying directly through website or phone number, working with an exclusive agent, or working with a trusted choice independent agent or broker. If you purchase directly through website you won't get the advice of a licensed professional and maybe left wondering whether or not you made the right purchase. If you choose to work with an exclusive agent you'll receive advice but from an agent to represent a single insurance company and is only authorized to sell that one company's insurance policies. That means they may not offer customize coverage for meet the pricing requirements your situation demands. On the other hand if you choose to work with a trusted choice independent agent you're getting a licensed professional capable of offering customize coverage from a broad range of insurance providers. They can tailor a solution that meets your needs and budget and over time as those needs change, and they will, your trusted choice agent will grow with you providing a review of your coverage and recommending adjustments along the way. They're not just a purchase button on a website and they aren't sitting in some big call center either. Trusted choice agents are part of your community, belonging to some of the same clubs and congregations as you do and we're here then know and grow with you as your insurance needs change with over 26,000 locations we are local everywhere.


Life insurance pays out an agreed sum of money either on the death of the insured person or after the agreed of time.